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We're a top choice for pie, jam and coffee cake in Muscatine, IA

Cheryl, owner of Mama Weave's Pies and More, grew up watching her mother throw together pies to serve with Sunday dinner. Cheryl learned to make homemade pie crust and fruit fillings at an early age. Baking was just a normal part of life in her family.

Mama Weave is now a retired art teacher. She thought baking homemade pies and coffee cake was a great way to continue serving the Muscatine, IA community. Encouraged by family and friends, Mama Weave turned her bakery idea into a reality.

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Don't settle for store-bought pies

There's nothing like digging into a fresh, homemade pie or coffee cake. That's what you can expect when you order dessert from Mama Weave's Pies and More. We sell homemade pies, coffee cake and locally made jam in Muscatine, IA. Every pie is handcrafted using fresh ingredients and a special touch from Mama Weave herself.

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